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Details - Russian Peasant

Solo Piano Jazz - Russian Peasant - Liner Notes

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Russian Peasant - Solo Piano

A solo piano collection of hauntingly rich melodies.

Alan Pasqua - Artist

Roberta Feigenbaum - Composer

Alan Pasqua - Artist

Roberta Feigenbaum - Composer

Gavin Lurssen - Mastering

William Claxton - Photographer

David Montoya - Photographer

RP Lake

LINER NOTES - David Prince


“It was a fortuitous case of geographical happenstance that brought the L.A.-based Pasqua together with composer Roberta Feigenbaum and her original jazz compositions inspired by her Russian-Polish ancestry. In early December 1998, Pasqua was playing a club date in Santa Fe, NM, his former residence, and Feigenbaum [who lived in the "City Different"],made a point of being there to hear him. Impressed by the fluidity, melodicism, and depth of Pasqua's playing, she approached him about the possibility of doing a recording project together."

'I knew that in order for a project like this to work,' says Pasqua, 'I would need to have a personal connection with the music.' He immediately liked what he heard in Feigenbaum's Russian-flavored melodies, and the project began to take shape. As Pasqua worked with the pieces, his own artistic vision and sensibilities came into view. He kept hearing these pieces translated into a grander, more rhapsodic style. 'Not exactly symphonic,' Pasqua explains, 'but definitely cinematic.'"

“Feigenbaum concurred with Pasqua's conceptualization of her work. She comments, 'I trusted Alan's instincts as an artist to interpret this collection in his own way. Alan has a powerful capacity to reach deep inside a piece of music and draw out its inherent possibilities in a most beautiful light.'"

- Excerpt from Liner Notes; Prince, David (1999). "Russian Peasant CD